Roberto Figus

Roberto Figus, class '76, he discovered his passion for Techno music around 1990, especially for Techno sounds,Dub and Acid.
His style is inspired by various artists of different kinds of music, like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills and Plastikman.
Roberto is a great supporter of the vinyl and considers a key part of his nature as a DJ and artist.
In 2001 he began composing his first tracks with Roland and Korg with GROOVEBOX machines.
Among his works, we can find "Parallel Clouds" with a remix by Jeroen Search an EP printed on Cannibald record label of Leo Anibaldi (Techno pioneer Italian)
In 2013 began his collaboration with Etichetta Nera label, releasing some records in collaborations with known artists like David Hausdorf and Gez Varley aka G-Man (member of LFO during the '90s).
Towards the end of 2014 Roberto Figus release a new EP on Faut Section label and this time is Lewis Fautzi the remixer of his track.
In 2015 he participated in two different artists with Orlando Voorn,Oscar Mulero,P&r Grindvik.



Lowfreq77 - 15J15 (original mix)
SOUR - Rising Frequency (original mix)
Roberto Figus - Acid Surroundings (original mix)
The Polygirl - Nowhere Now Here (original mix)
Labarome T.M.I. - White Dwarf on the Railway (original mix)

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