Sirio Gry J

Sirio Grimaldi founder of Monolith Records and resident of Liber Null Berlin, borns in Rome in the late 80’s and discovers the world of deejaying firstly inspired by the avant-gardiste movement of the “Sound Of Rome”. After digging the London scene and producing tunes for labels like Kaputt, Mechanical Thoughts Records, TMM, Alhena and recently for Analogic Density. He moved to Berlin, where the vivid underground scene lead to the creation of Monolith Records; a three-heads platform which looks ahead to the grim future of the human kind. The platform is willing to tell about the necessary transition phase of the current world order, delivering techno at its most free and sincere stage.


Third Chapter

Labarome T.M.I. - Damaged Data (original mix)
Lowfreq77- The Black Mask (original mix)
Sirio Gry J & Stefano Rocchi - Which Future (original mix)
Feedback - Evicon (original mix)

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