Stefano Abacom

Abacom System is both an electronic music producer and audio technician from Roma. He started to play and make live performances in 1997. From 2001 to 2004, he joined Neuropa, a small independent label, collaborating with other musicians from Italy. In 2005 he stopped playing live and moved to Milan to attend a course of Audio Engineering. In 2010 he came back on the scene with his new works.

His music is a melt of various genres such as Techno, IDM and Electro. It is called SICK TECHNO.


Spiral of Synapses

The Polygirl - Passing The Dark Planets (original mix)
Labarome T.M.I. - Cats Love Acid (original mix)
SOUR - Alkaline Reaction (original mix)
Stefano Abacom - Met 1 (original mix)
Lowfreq77 - Stato Alterato (original mix)
Stefano Rocchi - Big Crisis (original mix)

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