The Polygirl


After years of being a Punk The Polygirl turned in the mid 80's to Electronic Body Music / Industrial and the Atonal Scene. At the end of the 80's she made her first experience in producing experimental atonal soundscapes by using analogue synthesizers, tapes and an Amiga 2000.

In those days she was taken to a House and Techno-Club by a couple of friends and got totally infected by Technoid Dance Music. She began buying Techno records like mad and started mixing. Furthermore, she was also creating Techno tracks on her Amiga.

Later in 1991 she built up her own electronic music studio which she named “Euphonic Area” and started to produce tracks with Midi and more hardware equipment on the Atari 1040 ST.

The Polygirl taught herself Cubase Midi (laters on PC), the operation of analogue synthesizers and dived into the depths of sound engineering. She also was active in DJ-ing (mostly Acid, Hardcore, Techno, Jungle), touring sometimes with her own live gigs throughout Germany.

Through all the years she was committed herself in EBM, Atonal, Techno, Acid, Hardcore, Breakbeat / Jungle, Trip Hop, Ambient, IDM, Electro and released some tracks under different names. After her last release on Telomerase Recordings she was taking a long break until 2002 but never really ceased producing tracks or doing occasional DJ-ing. She also became fascinated by synthesizer circuits and started to teach herself the art of repairing synthesizers, which helped her a lot maintaining her collection of classic analogue music machines.

Today, The Polygirl produces her tracks mostly with the aid of “Din Sync”, trigger connections and internal sequencers. Her tracks are taped mainly live in one session using only her good old analogue synths, drum machines and other equipment of 80's / 90's, supplemented by digital FX and sampler hardware.



Lowfreq77 - 15J15 (original mix)
SOUR - Rising Frequency (original mix)
Roberto Figus - Acid Surroundings (original mix)
The Polygirl - Nowhere Now Here (original mix)
Labarome T.M.I. - White Dwarf on the Railway (original mix)

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Spiral of Synapses

The Polygirl - Passing The Dark Planets (original mix)
Labarome T.M.I. - Cats Love Acid (original mix)
SOUR - Alkaline Reaction (original mix)
Stefano Abacom - Met 1 (original mix)
Lowfreq77 - Stato Alterato (original mix)
Stefano Rocchi - Big Crisis (original mix)

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