Eros aka XeRoSoReX, was born in Nice in 76.

He starts raving in 1992 @ Vital Point Limelight party.
Fascinated by all these ones sounds for many years, he starts in '97, creating music using a MC303 and a JP8000;

after 13 years without making music he starts again in 2012 with a MC909, analogic sytnhs & rhythm boxes from the 80's, with influences from many electronic music style.

After a first release in 2014 on Vict'ry Acid, an Australian web label, he still on the way of Dark Industrial Acid.


Rising Plant

XeRoSoReX - Metasphere (original mix)
XeRoSoReX - Gears of acid (original mix)
SOUR - Barugon (original mix)
SOUR - Crashin' echo (original mix)

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